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Life is like dice that show many face

In a beautiful corner of a town lived a loving family with a young lad, enthusiastic, understanding and kind, and so his name was Dev. He was having so many friends in the school, everyone loved him even the teachers. He loved to go to the school meet his friends and to spend time with them.

One day Dev with his friends was sharing their lunch in the cafeteria of the school and one of them approached with a cheerful news about school trip, that he saw in the notice board. As soon as they heard from him that they are in the plan to go for a school trip they got excited, and why they should not be after all its everyone’s memorable part of the school life. As soon as the last bell of the school rang “TRINGGGGG” the boys ran to their home in order to take permission for the trip.
But Dev’s family was not quite financially stable as other of his friend’s were. Then too anyhow his parents managed for him to give him the best life they could. Dev Reached home quite energetic and by dropping his bag on the couch he requested his mother to let him go for the trip. But his mother (with an upset face) suggested him that “I have to talk to your father first son.” He got convinced and waited for his father till the evening. They were on the dinner table when her mother asked his father about the trip. But the next words were not as Dev expected. He said “No, there is no need, instead of going far he can stay at home and spend quality time with us, don’t you son?” He tried to convince but his father refused. Now Dev with tears on his eyes showed devastated gesture and went to the bed.
Next morning his mother suggested his father that “after all he is our only child if he wants to be with his friends for one day so let him be. We will approach and cover up our financial crisis later.” He nodded without uttering a word. When Dev was leaving for school he stopped him and said “my dear son! There is nothing more important for us than you being happy, so accept this amount for your trip and enjoy.” Dev was so glad and he hugged his father with shinning eyes. He left for the school and along with his friends he planned to do things on the trip.
Finally the day came when Dev was supposed to go for his school trip, he got up earlier than normal days, dressed in his best tees of his wardrobe and approached to the table for breakfast. There his mother gave him a box full of sandwiches and a bottle of water. In a hurry mode he ate his breakfast and left for school after greeting his parents. On the way later he noticed that he has forgotten the bottle so he decided to go to home and get it back.
When he was just about to open the door he heard his mother and father’s discussion about something serious. He decided to hear that conversation first. The conversation shook him up. His mother was asking his father “from where on the earth you got all that money for his school trip darling? I thought we cannot afford it.” His father did not reply with the newspaper in his hands. She then saw something weird about him and continued “where is your watch? Don’t tell me that you sold that in order to get money? Answer me!” again he said nothing. The young boy was stunned by the gesture of his father. He returned on his way and thought “how selfish can I be? Just for my stupid trip my beloved dad sold his watch that was given to him by my grandpa when he joined his first job. There were feelings with that watch. How horrible am I God?” by thinking this the tears rolled down his eyes. He then didn’t report to the school rather bought a present for his dad from that money by not wasting a single penny.
He then reached home late than school schedule. His father with a sweet smile stick on his face asked him “how was the trip son, didn’t you enjoy the day? Now come on and tell me what notorious thins you have done there!” he then saw a beautifully wrapped box in Dev‘s hand and asked him “what is this for and whom?” Dev gave his father the present and asked him to open it, his father saw that his son has given him a wrist watch that was just copy of the watch he sold for the trip. He said nothing and covered his face with a journal as his eyes were wet with tears of happiness and he thought that his son has grown up!

MORAL- A bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush…


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Divya said...

Great write-up

Dhanya said...

It is great to read this blog . It inspire to other people. Keep it up and wish you good luck.

Clifford Godwin said...

What a wise decision.. This should be a lesson to all human, not all thing in is worth doing.
Good write up, and keep up the good work bro.

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